Arlington Engineered Systems’ mechanical prowess is far and wide-ranging. Covering various products within pedal boxes, handbrakes, cables, jacks, winches and pressed parts, we can offer everything from off-the-shelf pieces to bespoke design and manufacturing.

Mechanical products

Cables (5)

Arlington Engineered Systems’ cable technology can be integrated into most other products, and complements many associated mechanical components on the market.

From general control cables and security cables to push/pull cables and valve control assemblies, our light to medium duty cables are used frequently. For bonnet release, accelerators, door release, fuel flap release and seat adjustment in vehicles, as well as rake, clutch and security systems, and even things like office furniture and marine controls.

Gear Shift (1)

This highly calibrated, bespoke component has been specifically designed to provide a precise gear change action in vehicles for serious driving enthusiasts. With each part subject to performance verification in a semi-automated cell designed and engineered by Arlington, our gear shift meets the most exacting customer requirements.

Handbrakes (4)

Our hand brake range covers all vehicle classes up to light commercial and 4x4 and covers parking brake types from low-tech all steel units to high-tech aluminium and plastic solutions.

We can also offer bespoke solutions including many interesting developments such as tubular form levers, cable release systems, trigger release mechanisms, console sub-frames and gear shift mountings as well as many options for cosmetic finishing of grips.

Jack and Tool Kit (4)

The jacks we manufacture are comprehensive. Available in traditional steel and aluminium with lightweight plastic components, they include automotive options for everything from light to medium duty Y-types and scissor types to pillar jacks and hydraulic bottle jacks. We also offer lifting components for many non-automotive applications.

Pedal Boxes (3)

When it comes to pedal boxes, our expertise and technology in this area enables us to offer bespoke solutions across a wide variety of applications.

Our £200,000 production line manufactures brake pedals for OEMS, including a leading prestigious German car manufacturer, with an output of 20,000 units per year. Alongside this, Arlington Engineered Systems offers the robotic welding of 10mm formed steel arms to paddles and tubes, a CNC machining centre and final assembly of complete units.

Plus, we always aim to do it with zero ppm and a scorecard rating of 100%. It’s all part of our drive to be ‘right first time, right every time’.

Pressed Parts (17)

Arlington Engineered Systems has a breadth of capabilities to support its customers’ need for pressed part components. With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer full service solutions for complex steel pressings in a press range up to 800T transfer and progression, and automated robotic MIG welding of sub-assemblies.

Taking full responsibility for the specification and competitive sourcing of press and assembly tooling, we can simplify and complement the supply chain of our customers, adding value, flexibility and efficiency along the way.

Winches (4)

Our spare wheel winch systems provide advantages such as minimal user effort to raise often heavy wheels, removing the need to empty the vehicle to access the spare wheel, a flat floor within the luggage area, and increased usable interior space.

This is technology which enables us to offer additional features such as clutches (torque limiters) and secondary security systems. We can deal with specific requirements such as vehicle architecture and wheel weight and access.

Handbrake Cable

Clutch Adjust Cable

Hood Release Cable

Hood Release Cable

Off Highway Heavy Duty Control Cable

Gear Shift

Park Brake

Park Brake

Park Brake

Leather and Plastic Park Brake


Bottle Jack

Jack Wrench

Jack and Tool kit

Clutch Pedal

Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal

Fuel Tank Strap

Anti-roll Bar Clamp

Engine Mounting Bracket

Battery Mounting Tray

Bracket Brake Hose

Cross Member Assembly

Front Brake Guard

Front Door Sash Assembly

Seat Frame

Upper Pressing

V Brace Bracket

Oil Diverter Bracket

Pressed Transmission Valve Mounting Bracket

Winch Foot End

Saddle Underbody Reinforcement

Front Door Stiffener

Housing Bracket

Conduit Winch

Heavy Duty Winch

Plastic Space Wheel Winch

Offset Winch with Conduit and Cast Bracket