Arlington Engineered Systems' interior products are manufactured via steel pressing or injection moulding. Whereas our steel pressed units are more durable and can provide you with an extra touch of quality, plastic parts can be more cost and weight efficient. Some current examples of these products are speakers, mesh grills and binnacle modules.

Interior products

Blinds (1)

Arlington manufactures and supplies a range of vehicle window blinds. Made to be lightweight and protective, the fine-mesh fabric is designed to let natural light through the window and into the car, yet still shield the passenger – in many cases, a small child – from the sun’s rays.

Clothes Hanger (1)

As part of our aftermarket range, Arlington Engineering Systems can offer OEMs a practical solution for their travelling customers – in this case, clothes hanger units. These hangers utilise the head-rest of the seat in front, to hang clothes – be they shirts, jackets or coats – crease-free, in the back of the vehicle.

Interior Trim (2)

Interior trim comes in many forms, sizes and shapes. Just two components from the vast range we offer include' a tool tray assembly – housing the basic tools for drivers looking to undertake some kerbside DIY, and a mesh grill assembly. Similar to our speaker grills, these mesh grill assemblies are designed to fit in – both literally and in a figurative design sense. We believe practicality and eye-pleasing design can be the one and same.

Speakers (3)

Whether small speakers or large, Arlington manufactures the grills that protect this often valuable audio equipment. Always in keeping with the style and quality of the rest of the vehicle’s interior, our speaker grills are designed to be as hard-wearing as they are aesthetically-pleasing.


Clothes Hanger

Tool Tray Assembly

Mesh Grill Assembly

Speaker Cover

Large Speaker

Small Speaker