Fluid & Air

Our fluid and air module capabilities are comprehensive. From filters to pump modules, all are unrivalled in the industry. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Fluid & Air products

Chiller Units (6)

Arlington Engineered Systems can provide a wide array of chillers modules, from the auxiliary radiator to the transmission oil cooler. We produce assemblies to save you both time and money on sourcing individual parts.

Filters (4)

Reliable carbon canisters and fuel filters are essential to the vehicle functioning correctly. Arlington Engineered Systems offer these parts as an assembly, including all hoses, tubes and mounting brackets. Using an assembly can save you both time and money on your installation.

Hose Assemblies (1)

Arlington use a large array of different hoses, from formed to unformed, and single to multiple complexity hose assemblies. These hoses are used predominantly on fuel and cooling systems, with the material varying depending on what is flowing through them.

Pumps (12)

Arlington Engineered Systems can provide a wide range of essential pumps modules including fuel and Water Pump Module and coolant hoses. Producing or sourcing the child parts and building through poka-yoke workstations for ready to despatch modules.

Vents (1)

Arlington works with key OEMs to develop a wide range of vents, often using a variety of materials suited to harsh chemicals and intricate venting routes. We can offer formed and free-form tube solutions to suit the particular vehicle.

Auxiliary Radiator

Sound Actuator Assembly

Chiller Unit

Heater Bridge Pipe

High Flow Capacity Coolant Box Assembly

Thermostat Module Assembly

Carbon Cannister

Fuel Pump / Filter Assembly

Fuel Filter Assembly

Fuel Filter Module

Water Tube

Starter Motor Breather

Hybrid - Gearbox Mount Breather Assembly

Coolant Hose Assembly

Vac Pump Assembly

PHEV Pipe Assembly

Fuel Pump / Filter Assembly

Water Pump Assembly

Water pump Module

Transwarming Module

Fuel Tank

Water Pump Module

Fuel Pump Assembly

Fuel Vent Tank Assembly