From inverter breathers to battery vents, and complete binnacle assemblies to EDC boards, Arlington is equipped to support this fast-paced and rapidly evolving category. We work with select suppliers who themselves share Arlington’s commitment in offering the best quality product possible.

Electrification products

Battery Trays (1)

Arlington Engineered Systems’ battery trays are steel pressed to the tight tolerances required. It’s one of the reasons we supply battery trays for some of the world’s best known vehicles, giving us the experience and knowledge few others can offer.

Battery Vents (3)

Today’s vehicle batteries are now expensive and highly complex systems, which by nature require intricate venting to allow correct operation and extended life. Arlington work with key OEMs to develop these vents, using a variety of materials suited to harsh chemicals and intricate venting routes. We can offer formed and free-form tube solutions to suit the particular vehicle.

Breathers (2)

Modern starter motors require adequate airflow and venting to operate correctly, especially as today’s start stop systems put added pressure on the system. We have been assembling starter motor breathers for many years, using automated and manual assembly methods where required. Each version of breather line is different, but with Arlington’s bespoke poka-yoke software, we can confidently manufacture many variants to different levels of specification.

Chiller Units (1)

Arlington Engineered Systems can provide a wide array of chillers modules, from the auxiliary radiator to the transmission oil cooler. We produce assemblies to save you both time and money on sourcing individual parts.

Control Boards (1)

The EDC board houses the electrical ‘brains’ of our customers vehicle and controls all major safety and comfort systems. Some of these assemblies consist of over 50 parts, all painstakingly procured, just in time, by our highly-skilled supply chain team. We currently assemble over 75 variants of EDC boards, each requiring careful production care and attention to detail.

Sensors (1)

The ride height sensors modules produced by Arlington Engineered Systems provide input to smart suspension systems to adjust the way the suspension reacts to changing road conditions or load. When traversing along a rough road, it can provide a smoother ride. On some vehicles, the on-board computer lowers the vehicle for better aerodynamics when travelling at high speed. While for four-wheel drive vehicles, the suspension can be raised to increase the off-road ground clearance.

Battery Mounting Tray

Battery Vent Module

External Battery Vent Module

Internal Battery Vent Module

Starter Motor Breather


Chiller Unit

EDC Board

Ride Height Sensors