Taking in tool kits and our ‘All Product’ range as well as oils and diesel additives such as Ad Blu, we are proud to source and offer a highly regarded range of aftermarket products to customers around the world. Read on to find out more.

Aftermarket products

Accessories (2)

Arlington Engineered Systems can provide accessories including spare wheel kits, sunshades and body styling kits. Often overlooked, these accessories provide additional comfort and many attractive features.

Blinds (1)

Arlington manufactures and supplies a range of vehicle window blinds. Made to be lightweight and protective, the fine-mesh fabric is designed to let natural light through the window and into the car, yet still shield the passenger – in many cases, a small child – from the sun’s rays.

Campaign Kits (1)

Campaign kits are requested occasionally by OEMs for urgent service recalls. In these instances, Arlington Engineered Systems reacts quickly - sourcing parts and packing efficiently so as the kits are ready for dispatch to the market.

Kits (6)

Arlington kits cover a range of needs, from the water pump to the fan belt pulley kit. We also pack kits such as gasket sets, ball joint kits, injector kits and diff gears.

Service Kit (2)

Arlington Engineering Systems offers a wide range of aftermarket service kits. The types of service kit we currently supply include gaskets kits, ball joint kits, cam belt kits, engine kits and hose kits.

Working to and above industry standards, the Arlington Engineering Systems team purchase, pack and supply in-line with each customer’s aftermarket requirement

Tool Kits (2)

Arlington Engineered Systems offers wide-ranging puncture management equipment, including tool kits, jacks, wrenches and stowage systems. These tool kits help provide a complete wheel change system, and come in options from bespoke tool kit boxes to foam pods and bags.

Clothes Hanger



Spare Wheel Anti-Theft Lock


Water Pump Kits

Space Saver Wheel and Jack


Fan Belt Pulley

SUV Space Save Wheel and Tool Kit

Oil Decanting

Diesel Additives

Tool Tray Assembly

SUV Space Save Wheel and Tool Kit