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As manufacturing becomes more and more competitive, Arlington Engineered Systems has adapted to be able to offer our automotive customers more.

Modern management techniques and lean practices. Complex design solutions, consistent in quality and punctuality. A depth of engineering capability, and pricing that’s rich with value. These are our credentials.


Some of the customers we work with.


Arlington Engineered Systems is perfectly balanced to react quickly to customer demand.

Whether it’s highly skilled, multi-disciplined engineers who operate to the highest tolerances in the industry, or the people within our dynamic commercial, finance, health and safety and purchasing team.

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Peter Coates

CEO of Engineered Systems

Kevin Hubbard

Group Operations Director

Don McGonagle

Group Finance Director

Ben Straw

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jez Hunt

Director of Commercial

Jane Billson

Group HR Manager

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At Arlington Engineered Systems we’re proud of our achievements:


Technology CAD FEA Testing and Inspection 3D Printing

Unlike most suppliers, Arlington Engineered Systems fully demonstrates vertical integration.

Everything is made in-house: machined parts, stampings, wax elements, technically complex plastic mouldings, plus assembly.

From CAD and pipe forming to stress testing and injection moulding, there’s very little we can’t handle.

As a full service supplier, it’s no surprise that Arlington Engineered Systems offers customers a comprehensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) service including a suite of design software such as Catia V5, Ideas, Siemens and Solidworks.

We also offer non-physical evaluation of design through CAE, CFD and FEA simulations. And prototype part manufacture either through machining, SLA and 3D printing, fabrication or production intent tooling and materials.

We’d be happy to tell, or show, you more about these modern Computer Aided Design methods and processes and how they can benefit you. Please contact us for more details.

Our capability in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is something we are always keen to highlight to our customers.

This computerised method, used to gauge how a structural mechanic might react to physical effects such as vibration, heat, fluid flow and other forces, has long been used in the industry.

But whilst other companies might only determine the ‘if’ behind a product, we also analyse the ‘how’ and ‘when’.

Arlington Engineered Systems strives to ensure that our physical test and validation facilities are unrivalled in the industry.

With laboratory facilities in each of our manufacturing locations, we undertake extensive physical testing and validation for thermostat assemblies and elements, mechanical safety critical assemblies and hydraulic steering.

We also assign substantial amounts of time to CMM measurement and predictive hydraulic flow testing with physical evaluation of designs through CAE and FEA simulations. No matter what the product, everything we manufacture is tested and validated to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

As a commitment to innovation, we designed and created in-house the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system, designed to capture live data on the shop floor. Replacing a previous manual version, our new system means operators are no longer required to record hourly outputs for evaluation at the end of the month – thus reporting more accurately.

3D printing is where objects are built using extremely thin layering. Highly complex geometries that are impossible via other manufacturing processes become a reality.

At Arlington our in-house 3D printing capabilities include 3D surface measurement and 3D rapid prototype printing.

Using digital 3D printing to add material together and ultimately create three-dimensional objects saves both time and costs in creating functional prototypes.


Arlington Engineered Systems are proud to have been honoured with the following awards.

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