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Technology never stands still, so Arlington Engineered Systems continually invests in our capability.


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By combining state-of-the-art technology and facilities with a highly motivated workforce, Arlington Engineered Systems is able to offer a suite of highly-efficient capabilities.

In essence, we are a full service supplier, fulfilling all of our customers’ engineering needs. We succeed by developing, manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality – and always at the best possible price.

When delivering complex design solutions to the global automotive market, there are some things which are a must. Having a depth of engineering capability is not enough. It must be backed up with consistent quality, punctual delivery, and competitive pricing.

Across design and development, manufacturing, CAD, and testing and validation, Arlington offers it all. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a highly motivated workforce to deliver a set of services which are unsurpassed.

For assembly, manufacturing feasibility and fitness for purpose, our design engineers work closely with OEMs in developing their products.

Using project management capabilities, our team can deliver continuous improvements and lean manufacturing, provide full sample approval processes and timing plans, and offer savings through improved productivity.

Arlington Engineered Systems’ highly efficient design and development service is made up of several key components. Our in-house design consists of CMM measurement and laboratory facilities in each of our manufacturing locations. We also offer physical prototype part manufacture, simulation and analysis tools, prototype plastic injection moulding and 3D printing capabilities.

We have a wide range of both manual and progressive presses.

From 80T through to 600T capacity, and in a variety of bed sizes. An extensive investment program saw Arlington benefit from a new press hall and presses being installed, totalling over £2.5M.

Our MiG and spot welding capabilities include both manual and automated:

six single and double MiG Robot cells with fully automated manipulation, up to seven axis; fifteen pedestal spot welding machines with full weld monitoring, complemented by three special-purpose spot welding machines for more complex assemblies.

Arlington Engineered Systems has a fully automated Electrophoretic Deposition (ED) facility on-site.

This ED line provides zinc phosphate pre-treatment and online stoving, to achieve 1000 hours salt spray resistance. We also provide other surface coatings such as wet spray, anodising and zinc plating.

Arlington Engineered Systems can offer two 500 tonne injection mould machines to support the ever-increasing demand from our customers.

As part of our commitment to strengthen our on-site injection moulding capabilities, the investment in these machines means that we are able to produce high quality injection moulded thermostat components for renowned automobile brands and major European OEMs.

The machines are the first of their size to have retractable tie bars for quick tool change and are fully equipped with robotic unloading and packaging solutions. Because we now do not have to use external suppliers, we can offer our customers a reduced carbon footprint as well as monitoring quality control and improving lead time.

Working with our customers, we engineer, develop and assemble Original Equipment to ensure a first-time fit for initial production runs and aftermarket requirements.

Assembling pipes for a range of automotive uses – including fuel lines, vacuum brakes, engine breathers, tank venting, air suspension harnesses and switchable engine mounts – we guarantee a simple fit for high-complex projects.

Our experience in logistics is critical to our ability to deliver high-quality assemblies at a competitive price. With over 650 suppliers and growing, we use a fully integrated system with full stock management procedures in place.

Our strengths include: products supplied direct to line side, packaging management, a vendor rating system established to monitor and develop suppliers, multi-currencies, ethical trading and sequencing capabilities.

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